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Top tips for niche publishers: join us at Publishing Expo

Digital media isn’t just for the big publishers: there are plenty of low-cost options for independents in specialist markets to make a splash on the web, mobile and social media.

We’re sharing thirty practical tips for niche publishers with limited budgets and resources in an interactive seminar session at Publishing Expo on 28 Feb at 15.10.

andy marshall

Andy Marshall, MD Immediate Media Bristol

 rob chambers

Rob Chambers, MD Total Telecom

Chaired by Carolyn Morgan, MD of the Specialist Media Show, and with Andy Marshall, MD of Immediate Media Bristol and Rob Chambers, MD of Total Telecom joining the panel, we’re keen to hear your experiences of Digital Media on a Shoestring and answer your questions.


We’ll be looking at:


  • how to test the app market without major investment
  • tactics to generate more cash from back issues and specials
  • creating new sponsorship opportunities across email, mobile, social
  • sourcing low-cost content
  • building relationships with your core audience
  • making your promotions work harder
  • getting more value from your events

Sneak preview of presentation on members section of this site: here

If you’ve got particular questions for the panel please contact carolyn@thespecialistmediashow.com

Carolyn Morgan

Join us in the Audience/Data Theatre at 15.10 on Tues 28 Feb, Publishing Expo, Earl’s Court.


We’ll be meeting up with other members of the Specialist Media Network at Publishing Expo.  Join our LinkedIn group here to catch up with other niche publishers on the day and make some new connections from among its 800+ members.


Plus here’s our selection of the best seminars to check out for niche publishers:


  • Content strategies for editors – with the ever-entertaining Peter Houston (Digital Theatre, Tues, 10.00)
  • Cloud services for publishers: a great way to level the playing field with larger media organisations  (Audience Theatre, Tues, 12.20)
  • Best practice in apps, with a good case study of British Journal of Photography (Production Theatre, Tues 14.00)
  • Publishing Futures: learning from other industries: music, gaming and business info: latest research from PPA & Jim Bilton (Digital Theatre, Wed, 11.10)
  • Apple newsstand: tips from Future Publishing (Audience Theatre, Wed, 12.20)
  • Content is not enough: getting into readers workflow, with Dominic Jacquesson and Jeska Harrington Gould, MD of Research on the panel (Digital Theatre, Wed, 14.00)
  • Single audience view: the power of data with a case study from Songlines (Audience Theatre, Wed, 15.10)


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