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Top 20 specialist media articles in 2011




Which were the articles that caught the attention of specialist media people in 2011?  Carolyn Morgan, MD of Specialist Media Show, has compiled the twenty most-read articles from the Specialist Media Show site in the last year.  Practical tips on tablet publishing and paywalls featured highly, as did reviews of other media events and conferences.  You are clearly very interested in hearing about innovation among your peers, as almost half the most-read articles are from our Media Pioneers shortlist.


1.    Ten good reasons specialist publishers should experiment with iPad


Published before Apple Newsstand went live, this article encouraged magazine publishers to explore the opportunities on tablet.

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2.    Military Times builds innovative campaign for Intel

Inspiring story of how a niche publisher created a multi-media ad campaign for Intel that grew their web traffic fourfold.  Commended in 2011 Media Pioneers.

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3.    Innovative distribution strategy for indie regional magazine


Independent start-up mag Great Food cleverly combined targeted free distribution and specialist outlets to drive subscriptions: 2011 Media Pioneer shortlist.

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4.    How on demand print helped launch niche magazine

Just as Beautiful magazine took online orders and fulfilled using print on demand: from the 2011 Media Pioneer shortlist.

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5.    2011 show video tackles the big questions in specialist media

Interviews with visitors and speakers at the 2011 show sharing their take on the big questions facing niche publishers.

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6.    Radical ideas and refreshing honesty at the 2011 Specialist Media Conference


Highlights from the speaker sessions and panels at the 2011 Specialist Media Conference

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7.    Apps, web, video and social media reach the international gay community

How Gay Times and Diva have published content on app store, web and social media building their reach to over 400,000 readers worldwide:  from the 2011 Media Pioneer shortlist.

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8.    VRL financial turns a traditional print publisher to an online data business


Story of how a newsletter publisher transformed to an online site-licence subscription business:  Commended in the 2011 Media Pioneer Awards

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9.    Connecting readers through events and networking

How Stylist magazine set up a series of events for entrepreneurial women and integrated them into digital and print: Winner in the 2011 Media Pioneer Awards.

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10.     iPad tablet publisher FAQs

Practical guide to tablet publishing back in the early days (ie January 2011)

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11.     How a small publisher launched a global event

Stand Out magazine launched Virtual Event World, an international virtual event for the exhibition industry.  2011 Media Pioneer shortlist

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12.     Paywalls in practice: Publisher case studies


Examples of how the FT, Emap and Incisive have developed paid online subscriptions.

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13.    Five simple steps: digital magazines made easy

Peter Houston, Content Director for Advanstar, and past conference speaker at the Specialist Media Show, shares practical tips for creating appealing digital magazines.

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14.     Ten insights on digital publishing for niche consumer markets

How specialist consumer publishers can approach online and tablet editions of their content, with examples from pioneering media businesses.

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15.     Factory Media sees 26% growth in app sales

Mobile app pioneer Factory put many of its action sports titles on the app store at attractive rates, and saw their digital circulation revenue fly.  2011 Media Pioneer shortlist.

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16.    Recruitment tips: headhunting

We all know media businesses are dependent on attracting the top talent.  Andrew Fisher, seasoned media recruitment specialist, shares tips on how to headhunt your ideal candidates.

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17.    Seven tips for effective newsstand circulation

Print circulation is still an important contributor to revenues, and here John Bardsley provides some useful insights for optimising newsstand sales.

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18.    Reinventing publishing: MediaPro top ten insights

Revolutionary thinking from publishing leaders at Time Out, Shortlist, BBC, Immediate Media, Spectator, Future, RBI, Briefing Media.

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19.      How a niche publisher built a global magazine app in-house

Independent LOOP digital media built their app for aviators using Adobe CS5 and now reach thousands worldwide and attract new global ad budgets.  From the 2012 Media Pioneers shortlist.

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20.     How to market your app and make Apple Newsstand work for you

Practical tips on marketing magazine tablet editions; part of a series of five articles.

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