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Benchmark your specialist digital media business for 2013


Find out how your niche publishing peers are tackling online subs, mobile apps, events, ecommerce and social media by taking part in Specialist Media Insights 2013.  This year’s online survey is live now.  Here's how you can take part and get a free summary of the 2013 research report.

Specialist Media Insights 2013:  complete survey online now

Publishing in the digital age can feel like exploring uncharted territory – the familiar rules around print circulation and advertising just don’t seem to apply in this mobile, constantly updated, borderless world.

So publishers rely on the experiences of their peers when making decisions about where to prioritise, what rates to charge and how to market online subs, mobile apps, webinars and more.

The annual Specialist Media Insights research project allows specialist publishers to benchmark their business against hundreds of their peers – a valuable guide to the rate of digital media adoption in niche publishing.

Here’s some surprising insights from the 2012 research and news of how you can help make the 2013 research an even more valuable resource for specialist consumer and b2b publishers. 

Seven surprising facts from 2012

  • Specialist publishers can charge for online content: 35% are charging for web content, and 71% of online subs are priced over £100pa
  • Mobile at a tipping point: in 2011 just 22% had mobile apps; by 2012 it was 39% and a further 30% planned to launch
  • Premium pricing on mobile apps: about half of those with mobile apps charge the same price as their print editions
  • Kindle is one to watch: Only 8% had a Kindle Fire app but a further 25% planned one.  Only 4% are on Kindle e-readers now, but 49% plan to. 
  • Webinars are growing fast.  Just 20% of publishers ran them in 2012, but another 27% planned to launch.
  • Selling digital goods online: 26% were already selling digital goods such as reports, and another 21% planned to in the near future
  • Social media now helps the bottom line.  21% said that social media drives more than 10% of their event bookings, and 45% said it contributes over 10% of web traffic.   And a pioneering 9% charged separately for advertising and sponsorship on their social media channels 

What’s new for 2013?

The 2013 Specialist Media Insights research will follow up the trends on mobile publishing plans and pricing, and this year investigates advertising and sponsorship on mobile devices, and how sales volumes compare with print.  We’re asking publishers their plans for the newest digital platforms, and how far their use of social media is starting to have a measurable impact on their  business.  Plus the latest views on selling digital and physical goods online, and the rate at which publishers are embracing and monetizing online events.

Benchmark your specialist digital media business for 2013

To be part of this research project all you need to do is complete this online survey.  It is totally anonymous and confidential.  Everyone who takes part will receive a summary of the results in March 2013.

Specialist Media Insights 2013:  complete survey online now


We are delighted to welcome back Brad Insight as sponsor of Specialist Media Insights, and InPublishing as our media partner.  The online survey is powered by Demografix, who provide research and panel survey services to the publishing industry.

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